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Heart Home is a light roleplaying game about diaries, memories, and building a cozy headspace. It’s meant to be played by one or more players in short (under an hour) sessions, returning every day or so. Players don’t have to play at the same time to play together.

Inspired in part by Animal Crossing, Heart Home lets players indulge in some small-scale worldbuilding as they define and decorate their headspace. Fueled by kind acts and personal reflection, Heart Home is made to be a relaxing, potentially meditative daily ritual.

Players: 1+
Materials: A writing document shared between players
Pages: 6

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
AuthorWill Uhl
GenreRole Playing
TagsCasual, Co-op, Cozy, Cute, diceless, Multiplayer, Non violent, Relaxing, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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I've started my journey with Heart Home! It's just for myself, and it's already helped me write a journal entry about something small but happy today, as well as writing about a good memory. I liked that you'd added a guidance about memories—that they be ones you want to hold onto.

Will see how things carry on, and come back.


This turned out to be a wonderful game where you're encouraged to write in a journal about your real life while earning feathers, drops, and seeds to create a safe space in a separate document. The space can be developed collaboratively with friends, and none of you need to share your journals to do this, just the separate document.

What I like is that Heart Home has been helping me journal in a healthy way for me. I stopped writing a long while back because I had reached the point where spilling blood on the page no longer helped me process my trauma. In Heart Home I'm reminded to write about memories only if I want to hold onto them. It's not toxic positivity nor bleeding on the page, and for that I am grateful.

I also like that even playing solo Heart Home reminds you to connect with friends in a meaningful manner.

Heart Home is a gradual game and I quite heart it.


I'm still going and quite enjoying the game and journaling. I've filled my first room with furniture,  though there's still room for more decor and details, and I'm gradually working towards gathering enough seeds for a second room.

I enjoy journaling now when I can, especially knowing it doesn't have to be a full-page entry. Including a recent event or thought I want to remember, and one good memory, has helped me a lot towards seeking the small positives every day—even days when I don't journal.

The sense of progress on the rooms is also a very pleasant touch, as is the gathering of resources. It's a bit of achievement I can make even on bad days.